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Gaia is a start-up that offers a monthly flower subscription service in UAE. When they approached us to design their website, they wanted to create a unique and memorable online experience for their customers that reflects the beauty and variety of the flowers they offer. The design should be modern and visually appealing, with a focus on showcasing the beauty and variety of the flowers offered by Gaia.

Service Provided

UI/UX Design

The Brand

Through our brand identity element design, we aimed to communicate the client's values and mission to their target audience. The result is a distinctive visual identity that conveys their commitment to sustainability,nature & beautiful flowers, leading to increased customer engagement and brand recognition. Overall, our brand identity elements successfully positioned the client as a leader in sustainable flower delivery, resulting in increased market share and brand loyalty.

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Our design team used a pastel color palette and delicate typography to create a soft and feminine aesthetic. We also incorporated large, high-quality photos of the flowers to showcase their beauty. To make the subscription process as seamless as possible, we designed a user-friendly checkout flow and created custom illustrations to guide users through the steps.

In addition to the website, we also designed the branding and marketing materials, including social media graphics and email newsletters. The rebranding efforts have helped Gaia stand out in a crowded market, and the company has seen a significant increase in subscribers and repeat customers.

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Gaia UI 08
Gaia UI 08
Gaia UI 08

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